Udo Bodmer:

...What my curriculum vitae offers:

  • 30 years of experience in the plastics industry
  • Practical knowledge of using a wide range of different mold assembly tools: 
    multiple components, co-injection, in-mold assembly, thin wall and optical parts, stack-turning machines,  standard stack-turning machines, injection blow molding machines, just to name a few
  • Growing market knowledge in the following areas: 
    Consumer goods, automobiles, optics, medicine & pharmaceuticals (life sciences)
  • Independent product management and technical consulting
  • Project planning with local progress reports and respective back-log reports, flow and milestone plans within the system of your choice.
  • In addition to taking on full responsibility for the consulting phase, I will also gladly advise you upon request after having finished the product
  • Respecting all particularities of the market - especially those pertaining to mold makers.
  • Keeping deadlines is my success story.
  • Discretion and privacy go without saying.


Time is (still) money. Therefore we guarantee:

  • Risk management in various steps. In the application phase in form of a small check list, before starting the project with the respective foci and implications considerations, all the way to the classic FMEA (failure mode and effect analysis).
  • Conceptualization of decisive factors in form of a matrix (technical and commercial)
  • Worldwide collaboration with effective and innovative partners, because we tailor our efforts to the needs or distinctiveness of the product.


Udo Bodmer